Hi, I’m Tracy. I am here to share what limited wisdom I have of faraway lands- specifically in the science of trouble-making. All stories based on personal experiences, most of which are straight out from the pages of my crumbling travel journal. Dangerous travel and exotic adventures appeal to me most but developed cities are okay too. So long as I can fling myself off one of its skyscrapers while fire-dancing.

I have a strong affinity with the continent of Africa (boy, I sure hope this is reciprocated) and have spent some time working and living there. Born and bred in the Mecca of food- Malaysia, I have developed a keen palate and an immunity to all sorts of spices and street food. However, any changes in bowel activities might (read: will) be reported here.

I currently work and live in Melbourne, Australia. When I’m not number-crunching and spilling coffee on my keyboard, I am boarding planes, reading, writing, attending music festivals, hating on the Kardashians and learning French.

If ever there was a need to get in touch, please flick one over to tracytoo87@gmail.com


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